September 2016 Report

President’s Report


I would like to thank all the volunteers who helped make this year’s picnic a success. Special thanks to Vitaliy Bejanian for making pork shish kabobs. Vito cooked for almost four hours with a little help from Mr. Sullivan. Thanks to all retirees who attended and to the retirees that helped with registration and desserts. Water balloon toss was fun, but more games need to added for next year.


I have put out information on our local memorandum of understanding and am getting a lot of negative feedback. Are we scared of losing things? I never said limit number of weeks one can take, but was told that I couldn’t take single day picks on 3rd round bidding away so there is confusion. If you have weekends off what difference does it make to you if we start our annual leave at the beginning of the week instead of Monday? There will be a vote at the next Union meeting to open LMOU or not. Be there to voice your opinion.


There is a change to our local constitution out there to have chief stewards get reimbursed for their union wages if they attend so many union meeting per year. I am totally for this change and think stewards do a lot to help members without any pay from the union. This would just be one way to say thank you and we, the union, appreciate all your hard work. I know a lot of members don’t like certain stewards but my advice to them is step up to the plate and get involved.


We keep hammering away at crossing craft grievances and displacement grievances  cause management thinks we are shorthanded, but doesn’t want to utilize the ODL fully before giving away our work.

Funny thing is, I had a meeting with a supervisor on mail handlers doing our work. This supervisor told me that the contract I showed him says they can cross crafts as long as clerks get 40 hours, but the supervisor failed to read the other parts of the contract I provided on when and how they can cross crafts. The supervisor also didn’t have an explanation when I said that they were using overtime for the mail handlers to do our work, a clear violation and these supervisors are maxing out the mail handler associates and mail handler casuals who have no guarantee in hours.


I’m going to Orlando right now to discuss proposals for next contract and learn about new contract and to discuss some of our cases. I will hopefully bring back clarity to some issues.


Kelly Heaney