May 2016 Report

President’s Report May 2016

The Wisconsin State Convention has recently concluded this weekend in Green Bay. I would like to thank Bryce Thomas, Rich Stephenson, Tim Alberts, the WI Auxiliary, and the Wausau Area Local for helping with the set up for, the running of and the tear down of the hospitality area. It was good to see some members stop in for hospitality and meet some of our union leaders. On Wednesday night, we had 60 people enjoying the seminar and most comments were positive. No matter what age you are, you are never too young to plan for retirement. The earlier you plan for retirement, the more prepared you will be when the time comes.

Although I was busy running hospitality on Wednesday night and cleaning up the hospitality area on Thursday morning, I did find time to refresh my clerk steward mind. Steward training and maintenance training were given on Thursday. Although the training was short and brief it was much needed for our new stewards here at NEWAL.

Friday and Saturday were the state convention and election for the Wisconsin State Local. Lucy Hauser is Education and Organization Director and was re-elected for that position.  Congratulations, Lucy! Tony Van, one of the past Union Local-Presidents, was also honored for his 50 years of union activity. Much gratitude and thanks, Tony Vanderbloemen!

There will be articles presented to the membership via the Bay Breeze or at our next union meeting to let others present memories from these events.

O.K. I am asking all clerk and maintenance employees to treat one another with dignity and respect. A lot of times we are very busy trying to accomplish our tasks and get frustrated when others come in and we have to train them or work with them in some capacity. A lot of us also are told to train employees without being certified trainers and have problems training new PSE’s because we have forgotten what it’s like to be new. This is not an excuse; however, to treat others in a harassing or bullying way is not right. PSE employees are completely new to the vast complexities of the postal service. Please help them and encourage them along the way. If you can’t get along with a fellow co-worker and the feeling is mutual, ask management for a new partner or just put head phones on and go about your business. The union’s job is to hold management accountable for following the contract, not to determine who is more right in regard to personal issues for members of either the clerk or maintenance crafts.