March 2016 Report

President’s Report
by Kelly Heaney

Hello union members, the union stewards and I have been busy these first two months. A labor management meeting was held and I’m waiting on management’s response to my notes of the meeting. Management and the union currently disagree as to when someone can run machines alone. We also disagree as to the number of breaks within a 12-hour work day. Among other issues, flat sorter rotation has been brought to my attention. Is it something to bring up at a labor management meeting or as a safety/health issue? If you load for three hours or more straight how is this beneficial to giving the body a break? I understand though that some people like it this way. We have two flat sorters so there should be some agreement on a rotation among the two machines, but I don’t run the machine so I will go with the opinion of the majority. Window pool/relief clerks have had many issues, mainly not knowing when and where they will be working. Management has come out and created one schedule, but we will see how that works. We are sending up holiday grievances when employees are mandated and pse’s don’t work 12 hours. The mandating for window clerks on holidays continues to be discussed and possibly the plant manager and postmaster can figure something out. There seems to be a lot of movement between window and plant clerks. Is the reason for this because of a change needed by the employee or are certain actions from management causing one to bid off of that tour or out of that area?


FMLA is a guaranteed right that lets you take off up to three months a year.  Beyond the three months you are not covered. Make sure that you keep track of all your leave in a calendar year and also keep and review all 3971’s that you sign.


The STATE CONVENTION will be held in GREEN BAY April 28 to April 30. On Wednesday, April 27, from 6pm-9pm, a retirement seminar will be held for any employee. This local will also be hosting hospitality afterwards for snacks and refreshments. All union members of NEWAL area local are encouraged to attend, just please let the union know if you plan on attendng in advance. Much needed steward training will be offered to our new stewards, followed by resolutions and appointments of state officers.


If anyone needs to contact me, my phone number is 715-301-3325. I now have text, so hit me up and sooner or later I’ll return your call or text.