July 2016 Report

Presidents Report:


Hello union members. Six months into the job and I welcome your reviews. Are things getting better, worse or status quo?

I would like to thank all my executive board and stewards for all their hard work and time spent helping out union members. With that being said I need the union members help. As I said before and will always believe, this is our union not mine or the e-boards’. Management is getting serious about zero tolerance so members need to be attentive to the abuse that management has used on the workroom floor. You have witnessed management yelling at employees on the workroom floor, yet no statements have come forth to stop this action, although statements against other union members are written freely.

Also ANY DISCIPLINE has to be told to a union steward within 14 days of receiving the discipline. I have 14 days to file a timely grievance and management does not tell the union when they issue the discipline letters. If you ever get called into the supervisor’s office and/or the ao postmaster’s office ask the question – may this lead to discipline. If management says yes, inform them that you would like a steward.

I am asking for volunteers to help with set up, organizing games for kids, cooking, and clean up of union picnic. It is to be held at the New Zoo on Sunday August7th, 2016 and starts at 11:00 AM until 3 PM. It would be great to see as many union members and their families as possible. A $50.00 gift certificate will be given to the person making the best dessert and I would gladly give gift cards to maybe the best salad, pasta, and/or fruit dish.

Okay, last but not least, when you bid a job the PAA is principal area assignment, this is the section where you work. The PDA is Principal Duty Assignment – either automation or manual at the plant or window and sales or scheme at ao’s. The section (PAA) is used for excessing and should be close to the PDA. Let’s say your PDA says automation, then the section should say auto mail equipment.  If you are a manual clerk then your section should read outgoing/non-scheme. The section is used for excessing purposes only and the PDA is used for your day to day bid job. Management seems to think that if your PDA says manual, but section says auto mail equipment (because management is changing this after you bid the job) that you are an automation clerk – THIS IS UNTRUE. We as regulars have three main items to our benefit over pse’s and those are Principal Duty assignment and/or job, seniority, and fixed days off.  I am not about to give up on any of those rights.


Respectfully Submitted: Kelly Heaney