January 2016 Report

January 2016

President’s Report
by Kelly Heaney


2016 will be bringing new changes to NEWAL area local. The membership has voted for a new direction for the union and I am thankful for the opportunity. With that being said this is our union, not just mine. This Union is still seeking letters of interest for the clerk craft director position as well as the recording secretary position. I am pleased to announce that a number of people are interested in becoming stewards and look forward to working with all of them. Dave Kroll has decided to come on board and help me with steward duties as well as a voice from the past in the history of the Green Bay office. Associate offices are sometimes forgotten in bigger locals, but I have experience dealing with associate offices’ issues and am willing to respond to any questions. I can be reached at 715-301-3325 and though I work midnight to 0800, anyone can leave me a message and I will respond as soon as possible.

On the early agenda is holding management accountable for their actions. I am tired of the threats and intimidation tactics used on a daily basis here in Green Bay. The contract, JCIM, and the local agreement all say that pse’s should work to the extent possible before mandating on holidays. The extent possible is 12 hours. Also, mandating without regard to rotation shows total disregard to the worker and to the contract. Mail handlers doing clerk work in the low cost tray sorting area needs to be addressed, as well as Windows clerks working the floor on major holidays. Borrowing help from other crafts or employees not normally working on the floor might seem like a good idea, but all this shows is that we are short staffed and is further shown by all the mandating occurring. Breaks are and always have been 2 within 6 hours and 4 if working 12 hours. Management believes in 3 breaks within 12 and this case will be filed in the grievance procedure. And in associate offices, postmasters are limited to amount of clerk work they can perform depending on the size of that office and their carriers and RCA’s are limited as well.

In closing I would to say that the election was close and thanks to Lucy Hauser for her many years of union dedication. Although we disagreed on the direction of this local, I have known her for many years and her FMLA and OWCP knowledge is very strong. Lucy’s treasurer time was also done with the accuracy needed for the job.

With union activity, help from stewards, and a steady approach I hope to improve the belief that the NEWAL union is strong and can be trusted.

Thank you.