September 2016

The letter below was sent out to Non-Union employees from Kelly Heaney –

WE are the union – and we are stronger with union solidarity! 

Talk others into joining!


Dear Non-Union member:


Hello my name is Kelly Heaney and I represent the NEWAL Area Local 2247.  I am the president of the local and have been for the past 6 months.  I am currently a maintenance employee at the GMF and I am asking for feedback on why you are a not currently a member of our local.


I realize that you may have been wronged in the past and feel that the union has hurt you in some negative way.  I apologize for any apparent misrepresentation but the contract is not always favorable to all, especially when it involves excessing and transfers. Or maybe you just feel strongly against unions. Or perhaps maybe no one has approached you and asked you to join the union or has explained its benefits. Let me take this opportunity to tell you more.


Here is my pitch:

No matter how long you work for the Post Office, you never have to go into a supervisor’s or postmaster’s office and bargain for a wage increase, annual leave per year, sick leave, or retirement perks that you currently enjoy.  These and other vital parts of the contract such as your principle duty assignment (your job), your facility where you normally work, guaranteed hours of employment, access to grievance procedures, FMLA protection, seniority, fixed days off, fixed start times, higher-level assignments, promotions, safety and health, and no-layoff protection for most regulars, are all fought for you by the union. These are the many highlights of our contract that are fought for us all every day both locally and nationally and are funded by union contributions.


The attack against this union is greater than ever.  The postal service would like nothing more than to privatize us and make our wages and benefits comparable to other competing companies. Management would like nothing more than to decrease our wages by more than half and cut the benefits in half as well.  In maintenance, custodians are constantly under attack with management contending that these workers are severely overpaid compared to the private sector. Management is also going after our Building Maintenance employees.  If we didn’t fight for limits on the excessing radius, imagine where we all may be working now.  The 50-mile excessing radius has been maintained in this contract. And you may recall that the Green Bay plant was slated to close twice.  If it were not for union funding, hard work and fighting, the Green Bay facility would be a thing of the past.


The choice is simple.  Being involved and active in the union just makes sense.  It is cheap insurance for trying to maintain all that is good with this job. Now I know things are far from perfect both at the plant and at the smaller office but together with full union participation, we can show management that we are a stronger united union, not a weaker union with a high percentage of non-members. I ask you to join or give me feedback telling me why you are not a member.  If you feel that the union has wronged you in the past, help me to change it for the better, voice your opinion and/or become a steward.  Get in the game and don’t watch from the sidelines.


On a final note, if you are a PSE and you passed your probation 90-day period, the union is for you.  Before 2010 we had $9 per hour casuals with no possibility of promotion.  Now we have Postal Support Employees earning close to $16 per hour and having the possibility of conversion to full-time employment. How is an almost $7 per hour difference in pay not worth the pittance price of a bi-weekly union membership fee?


Feel free to contact me at any time concerning this letter or fill out the union membership form enclosed in the postage-paid envelope and begin your membership now!  We hope to welcome you as a new member soon!


Thank you,

Kelly Heaney 715-301-3325