Automation Committee Minutes -July 2016

Automation Committee Meeting 

July 26th, 2016  12:00pm
(last meeting not recorded)

Jean VanDynHoven, David Tauscher, Angel Brabender, Ed Rowe,Greg Smudde (and VRI rep), Carol Taylor, Bruce Cole

  • Angel opened the meeting by stating that there needs to be more Clerk representation to voice opinions and concerns.
  • David stated that unplanned processes are not being followed.
  • Jean stated that fan sorting needs to be done on a daily basis. And service talks will be given to all clerks on that.
  • Greg brought up the issue of unplanned events and how they should be handled. Angel stated that supervisors will be notified of future unplanned events.
  • Greg also brought up the issue of label pockets and how they are torn or missing. Angel is asking if label pockets are missing that a clerk needs to take care of it the moment it’s discovered and not to wait for someone else to do it.
  • Carol asked if the programs are going back to normal. David mentioned that we are losing 2 machines, #9 and #14. Angel said most of the programs are going to be back to normal and any new information as it happens will be communicated with the employees.
  • Carol mentioned the use of the second DIOSS. Ed mentioned that the second DIOSS will be used by the Bulkie Program and will be running every night.
  • Angel mentioned that people aren’t straightening out the mail before its run. A floor talk will be given to address this issue.  There is an SOP in place for this situation.
  • Carol mentioned some priming issues. Angel stated that the LCRM should be ran on T2 so mail gets back into first pass.  Another floor talk will be given to address best practices.
  • Carol would like more racks when machine 9 and 14 are taken. Angel agreed.
  • Carol also mentioned that unplanned events have to go to the front of machine right away and people aren’t doing that. Ed said that the new PSE’s have never gotten the DBCS methodology.  New PSE’s will be given the proper training to alleviate this issue.  Ed also addressed that if there is a diverter threshold failure the proper protocol to check the gate needs to be followed, even if it’s a label caught in the machine.  Something else could be wrong as a result.
  • Carol asked how many new PSE’s will be starting. Angel said 10, but starting times and tour schedules have not been worked out.  Ed stated that there is a scheduling issue and there is a lack of bodies between 9-12.

Meeting adjourned at 1pm.       Next meeting will be held by Ed Rowe on August 30th, at 0500.