Automation Committee Minutes -February 2016




Derek Jensen, Joey Sieber, Jean Van Dyn Hoven, Colleen Hohensee,

Lori Sullivan, Debbie Wudke, Michelle Reinhard



  • SCF flat labels to be moved from the label room to the back of the Wausau manual flat rack, next to the 544/545 labels.
  • Suggestions for ease of identification of containers of mail from Oshkosh to be prepped were made. Oshkosh could put identifying labels on the inside of the containers at the top or mail handler/expediters could put placards on them before they come onto the floor. Both options will be looked into.
  • Loose flat mail coming from Oshkosh needs to be oriented face-up with the binding to the left. Greg Wilinski is the liason for this.
  • Copies of SOPs and set up protocols for the flat sorter will be created and posted at both FSMs.


  • A current SOP for the processing of slickies needs to be created.
  • Fletters should only be primed on DBs, not on DIOSSs, to ensure that they will run on the DBs when they go into program mail.
  • APCs are not to be filled more than ¾ full. It is a safety hazard.
  • The fan strings on the large fans should not be batted around, especially when the end of the string ends up in the fan and needs to be taken out by maintenance. If this continues to be a problem, the fans may be removed.
  • Whenever there is both 1st and 3rd class to be run on either a primer program or into DPS, the loader should be “mixing” them in order to have a more even distribution of weight/size.
  • Clerks need to read the labels when working mail on the lanes of the LCTS, especially in Lane 8. Not all the mail going to Lane 8 is for a primer program, specifically, anything labeled “non-codeable” needs to go to manual.
  • Whenever a primer program for letters is being run, the sweeper should be facing the mail from bins 4, 5, 6, 8 & 9.
  • Additional training on DPS needs to be done, especially for newer clerks.
  • Maintenance has requested that care be taken when choosing to run “chunky mail” on the DIOSS. The DIOSS can run larger mail than the DBs, but when a larger piece goes to a program, it can cause problems on the DB.
  • There have been issues with clerks running mail on the FSM that exceeds accepted size parameters and is causing breakdowns. Clerks need to test mail in the “go/no go” template if a piece looks like it might be too chunky to be run safely.



The next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, March 8 @ 1300.